Majority Of General Managers Want Season Restarted With Playoffs


On Friday afternoon, the NBA’s board of governors met to discuss different options for restarting the suspended season. As the meeting progressed, a majority of the league’s general managers preferred to abandon the rest of the regular season and restart with the playoffs.

Detailed surveys were given to the general managers of all 30 teams and 16 of them expressed interest in jumping right into the postseason. According to ESPN, those GMs want the playoffs to consist of the typical 16 top teams. In that standard format, the teams would have their seeds assigned according to the standings as of March 12, 2020, the date the NBA temporarily suspended its season due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Even though the majority want to go straight to the playoffs with a typical format, that isn’t necessarily what will happen. It does have the highest chance of becoming a reality, though, as it received more votes than the other three possible scenarios combined.

The NBA is going through every single possibility and question when considering how to restart its suspended season. The survey given to the general managers featured more than ten questions on a vast number of topics, but the focus was on how the league should return.

The Inquisitr reported that Walt Disney World and Las Vegas were seen as the leaders to house the league’s return. If the NBA went to Central Florida, all games would take place at the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex and the players and staff would most likely stay at one of the resort’s many hotels.

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Many of the scenarios presented detailed how different versions of the playoffs could work. If the league chose not to go the traditional 16-team route, there could be a “playoff-plus” model, which would include a play-in tournament for the seventh and eighth spots in each conference.

General managers did appear to agree that teams should have more flexibility in building and maintaining their rosters. No matter how the league returns, they would need to have some form of a training camp to get their players back in shape.

When it came to the question of expanded rosters or if teams should have the ability to replace players who were out with illness or injury, only two teams voted for neither.

The most discussion came when the GMs started discussing when the restarted season should end. Not a single one of the five presented options received a majority of the votes, although September 15 led the way with seven who favored that date.

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