Former Dodgers‘ Outfielder Matt Kemp Cut From Marlins


Dodgers fans were heartbroken the first time that Matt Kemp was traded away from Los Angeles. He was a part of the trade that sent Yasmani Grandal to Los Angeles, but Kemp eventually made his way back to LA in 2018. 

When he came back to the Dodgers in 2018, he wasn’t even supposed to make the roster after Spring Training,. Many wondered if Los Angeles would just cut him in general before camp broke. But Kemp hung around and hit like a mad man, putting together a .290/.338/.481 slash line with 21 home runs and plenty of big moments. Kemp made the All-Star team but was traded to Cincinatti that winter.

The latest update for Matt Kemp is that it is very likely that he will not be on a roster this year. Kemp will be cut from the Marlins’ roster after they announced he was not invited to the summer camp, likely meaning he has been released. The former Dodgers’ outfielder is currently without a team if that’s the case.

With Kemp about to turn 36, many wonder if this will be it for him. There is not much of a market for players in their late 30’s that can really only provide a bat and veteran leadership in a 60-game season. However, it’s entirely possible that another team could consider him, and we hope that’s the case. 

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